Boat fishing...

If you think that fishing a large reservoir is beyond you, or you are intimidated by suchan expanse of water then why not let Hywel show you the ins and outs of boat fishing.

He will cover all the tactics you need to tackle any reservoir: from top of the water, right through to fast sunk line methods. You will learn all the modern techniques that are at the cutting edge of this sport.

Being a competitive angler allows Hywel to keep his finger on the pulse - and he is more than happy to share his wealth of knowledge. The only drawback to this is that you might find yourself suffering from information overload!

Of course, there are many fishing guides in this country, but Hywel is unique in being able to iron out any casting faults you might have, as well as teaching you all you need to know about reservoir fishing.

Hywel has competed in Home Internationals for the past 18 years, which means he has an in-depth knowledge of most of the large reservoirs in the UK including:

'Beginners' boat fishing day...

This is ideally suited to the fisherman who has never ventured afloat before and by the end of the day you will have enough confidence to go boat fishing on your own.

The day will cover the following:

Prices starting from £300 per day, plus travelling expenses.