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Flyfishing is one of the most enjoyable ways to appreciate the countryside and escape the stresses and strains of everyday life. It can also be the most frustrating of pastimes with many people taking a long time to master the techniques needed to catch the elusive trout.

Often you'll hear flyfishermen boast that they didn't need lessons and that they taught themselves. Of course, anyone can teach themself to cast... and anyone can catch a fish if the fly is in the water. However, some expert tuition will ensure that you achieve the best results and full potential from your tackle. If you are new to fly-fishing it is far better to be shown the correct way rather than to develop bad habits which you must then try to remedy at a later date.

You can put yourself on the fast-track to success: I can help you to pick up a great deal of knowledge in a very short time. Whether you are young, old, a total beginner or have had flyfishing experience already, you'll find an option to suit you.

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Mon 30 Aug 22:30:32

Just another day in Wales where another river is polluted and it seams that @NatResWales don’t care https://t.co/PFUCYP6w3f

Fri 27 Aug 01:19:23

Fantastic show with great atmosphere even with covid restrictions https://t.co/7a6P0iKKcC

Fri 20 Aug 16:07:46

Please sign and Save the River Wye !!!! https://t.co/PHe7Z8oaTZ

Tue 17 Aug 14:15:54

@md14bc @WelshGovernment @NatResWales Lobby your local MP

Sat 24 Jul 10:40:00

@JulesLewisJones @stevemeo @S4C @BBCWales

Fri 23 Jul 23:07:28

Welsh water pollution rules face court challenge -ok let’s challenge it and let’s see exactly the devastation that… https://t.co/luXwqMaIh2

Fri 23 Jul 23:05:36

@craigjohnsonuk @TheGameFair @enjoyflyfishing You are welcome kids are the future of angling and keep him practicing and keep him fishing 👍

Fri 23 Jul 22:57:13

It’s @TheGameFair morning hope to see you at the fishing village today 🎣 https://t.co/z7n0RqEtuz

Fri 23 Jul 06:27:35

@CharlesJardine It has let’s hope we remember how to do it 🎣🎣

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