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Straight Line Nymphing

Set 1 | Straight Line Nymphing

  1. Traffic Light Buzzer
  2. Traffic Light Buzzer Olive
  3. Red Neck Buzzer Black
  4. Deep Diawl Bach
  5. JC Diawl Bach
  6. Holo Hare Gold
  7. Cruncher
  8. Cruncher Olive

Here is a selection of flies that are perfectly balanced, that will give you great turnover when casting and allow you to fish all levels effectively. You can either fish 3 or 4 flies on the cast - just remember always put the heaviest fly on the point. If you want to really fish deep then put the deep DB on the point and one of the buzzers on your next dropper, this way the cast will be pulled down quicker; just watch for those takes on the drop. One thing to remember with nymphing, keep the retrieve slow with the occasional pull of the line to try and induce a take.


Washing Line

Set 2 | Washing Line

  1. Booby Coral
  2. Booby Cormorant
  3. Booby Straggle Cat
  4. Cruncher Black
  5. Cruncher Silver
  6. JC Diawl Bach
  7. JC Hot Head Diawl Bach
  8. Diawl Bach

Here you will find the complete set up to fish this deadly method. I have chosen 3 of my most deadly boobies coupled with 5 of the most effective nymphs. Put one of the boobies on the point and 2 of the nymphs up the cast. This can be used on all density lines from a floater all the way down to a fast sinker. Just think of the booby as a depth controller. When you are using this cast on any sinking line just after you cast out give it a few long pulls to straighten everything out and then slow down the retrieve and you will feel some resistance as if the flies have picked up some weed but don't worry this is the eye's of the booby pushing through the water. Takes can be savage on the nymphs so be careful but if you keep getting little pulls with no lock ups just keep retrieving as the fish if playing with the booby and will keep taking it if you don't strike. When it all locks up then and only then lift the rod.


Jack of all Casts

Set 3 | Jack of all Casts

  1. Cocktail Orange Blob
  2. Cocktail Sunburst Blob
  3. Cruncher Quill
  4. JC Hot Head Diawl Bach
  5. Hot Head Diawl Bach
  6. Hare & Peach
  7. Woofta
  8. Booby Cormorant

This is a cast that I fish when I really do not know what the fish want and it covers a few options. Firstly choose a blob for the top dropper then two of the other flies in the middle with a booby on the point. This can be used on an intermediate line all the way down to a fast sinker. After casting out retrieve the line so that the booby pop's on the surface and do this until the line pulls the booby under, then slow things down with a Fig 8 all the way back and just at the end of the retrieve lift the flies up through the water allowing the booby to float up under its own buoyancy. With this method firstly you are popping the booby to attract the fish to where your flies are then you are nymphing slowly with the blob acting as an attractor and at the end you are hanging the flies just in case there was a fish following.


The Bung Cast

Set 4 | The Bung Cast

  1. Tash Orange
  2. Tash Black
  3. Bibio Buzzer
  4. Traffic Light Buzzer
  5. Traffic Light Buzzer Olive
  6. Oily Worm
  7. Okey Dokey
  8. Hot Hare Red

A lot of anglers do not like using the bung but to me on its day it will out fish any other method. There is no other way of fishing you flies in a vertical plane. My set up is as follows - 3ft from my line to my top dropper which is the bung then 3.5ft to the other 3 flies. This way I cam cover all depth that the fish are cruising at. Make sure that you put the heaviest on the point either the oily worm or the Okey Dokey with the other flies up the cast. After you cast the line out just wait until the flies are directly under the bung, if you watch the bung carefully it will cock a little once this happened just retrieve the line so that the bung makes a wake. Then stop again to allow the flies to drop back down. Keep doing this until the end of the retrieve. This will give you as close an imitation to the natural as possible


Pulling Cast

Set 5 | Pulling Cast

  1. Cocktail Coral Blob
  2. Cocktail Orange Blob
  3. Cormorant 3D Green
  4. Cormorant 3D Red
  5. Hare & Peach
  6. Mackay
  7. Double D Special Damsel
  8. Viva Dbl

Here you have an out and out pulling cast. Choose one of the blobs for the top dropper and either one or two flies in the middle with the double on the point. I tend to only have one dropper so that the flies are spaced out a bit more so there is a bigger gap between each fly. This is better used on a fast intermediate down to the fastest sinker you own. Make sure that when you retrieve keep changing the speed throughout, and at the last minute make sure that you hang and hold your flies, even drop the tip of the rod slightly as the heavy double on the point will pull you flies back down and then watch out for those savage takes.


Reservoir Dries

Set 6 | Reservoir Dries

  1. Bibio Hopper
  2. Claret Hopper
  3. Real Daddy
  4. CDC Hopper Olive
  5. Bill's Big Red
  6. Bob's Bits Orange
  7. Bob's Bits Red
  8. Bob's Bits Black

Here I have selected some of my most successful dries for lakes. When making up the cast I always set up depending on the wind, the calmer it is the fewer flies I will put on. In normal conditions I will use a 3 fly cast and always put the biggest fly on the point as it will act as a sighter, you might not see exactly where you dropper flies are but you do know as you can see your point fly. If the wind drops then cut back to 2 flies, the important thing with dry fly fishing is to never be in contact with the flies. If you are bank fishing make sure that you introduce slack into the line as you cast forward. If you are in a boat just do not retrieve for a few seconds and as the boat drifts forward then that will introduce slack for you.


Stillwater Bank Selection

Set 7 | Stillwater Bank Selection

  1. Hot Damsel Straggle Green
  2. 2-Tone Lead Blob Pink
  3. 2-Tone Lead Blob Sunburst
  4. Dancer Olive
  5. Dancer Yellow
  6. Damsel Blue
  7. Nomad Cats
  8. Classic FM Nugget White

Here you have a selection of lures that will stand you in good stead on any reservoir. All flies are weighted to get you down to the fish quickly and effectively. Most of the patterns have marabou tails which will pulsate when you retrieve them erratically which should encourage more fish to take your flies.


Dabblers Delight

Set 8 | Dabblers Delight

  1. Kate McLaren
  2. Skinny Black/Silver
  3. Skinny Claret
  4. Straggler Claret UV
  5. Straggler Coral UV
  6. Straggler Olive UV
  7. Straggler Orange UV
  8. Straggler Sunburst UV

These patterns have had resurgence over the last few years and are fantastic middle and top dropper flies. An alternative way to fish these are to gink them up and fish them on an intermediate line and leave them to fish on the surface until the line pulls them under and then retrieve them back.


Fry Bashers

Set 9 | Fry Bashers

  1. Floating Perch
  2. Minky Booby Brown
  3. Humungus Gold
  4. Humungus Silver
  5. Minky Booby Silver
  6. Minky Straggle

Here are some of my big fish takers. No need to wait until the fish start hitting the fry these flies will take fish all year round. But when the fish do start hitting the fry you won't be found wanting. If you hook a fish then hold on with all your might as you are in for the fight of a lifetime. Fish them on their own or use the Humongous as a point fly with smaller flies up the cast.


Smallwater Interceptors

Set 10 | Smallwater Interceptors

  1. Lead Bug Black
  2. Lead Bug Black/Orange
  3. Lead Bug Chart/White
  4. Lead Bug Olive
  5. Lead Bug Olive/Sunburst
  6. Lead Bug Red
  7. WAEF
  8. GN GRHE

There is nothing more exciting than spotting a fish and casting in front of it and trying to fool it into taking you fly. This selection will enable you to cover fish and get the fly down to the cruising depth of the fish quickly, just remember don't wait to feel the take, keep a close eye on the fish and when you see the white flash of it opening and closing its mouth strike! I have chosen a range of colours so just keep changing them until you find the one they want on that day


River NZ Selection

Set 11 | River NZ Selection

  1. Stimulator Olive
  2. Stimulator Orange
  3. Stimulator Yellow
  4. GN GRHE Olive
  5. Allen Fly
  6. Copper John
  7. Red Neck
  8. Micro May

This is probably the best way to search out any river and find the fish quickly. Firstly tie the stimulator onto the end of a tapered leader then tie the next dropper off the bend of this fly. This will do two things, firstly the nymph below will set your dry correctly and secondly you will be in direct contact with the nymph. You can use 2 or even 3 flies below the stimi, however I normally only use 2 and this way you are fishing top of the water, another mid water and the point fly deep down so that on every cast you will be covering 3 layers and you should find what level the fish are feeding at very quickly.


River Dries

Set 12 | River Dries

  1. Parachute Adams
  2. Spot On Adams
  3. F Fly Olive
  4. F Fly Black
  5. Flexi Red
  6. Flexi Olive
  7. Paradun Light Olive
  8. Paradun Pale Watery

Here are my must have dries for any river trip. I have included flies that you can fish in fast water such as the flexi red and olive clinkhamer as well as the Adams. You also have two F flies that are fantastic in slow to medium pace water and lastly the paraduns for those slow glides. With these keep searching all the water as where you think the fish should be sometimes they are in a totally different area.